Jewelry, Knitwear and Accessories
PZM Designs
by Pamela Zeibak McCombs

Hand Crafted Jewelry, Knitwear and Accessories
Made with pride in the USA

 Pamela Zeibak McCombs is a jewelry designer, Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and an accredited jewelry professional.  She is also an aspiring metal smith and loves working with all metals..

Living in the Middle East for 25 years and extensively traveling the world  inspired her use of color and texture in all of her mediums, including her knitwear line, and artwork.  An avid rock hound, she is constantly inspired by the natural gemstones that she uses in her designs.

Her clients also share the love of natural, exotic, colorful gemstones, set in precious metals. Each piece is an ode to the variety and beauty of nature.Since not a single piece is reproduced,just as in nature, her clients know that they will never see their jewelry or knitwear on anyone else.

Pamela does all the designing and crafting of her jewelry, as well as her knitwear. Her customers will find natural gemstone jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces and gemstone belts. Each and every one of her clients, from the UK, to Jordan to all over the United States hold a very special place in her heart. 
This is an original mixed media piece that I did in California in 2008 using acrylics and yarn.
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